Company Name - Whitehouse-Tyler Metro Track Club


Whitehouse-Tyler Metro Track Club  (WTMTC)

To provide a positive outlet for at-risk youth ages 7-18, from all back-grounds; that reside in  the Greater East Texas and surrounding communities throughout  Texas,  offering our youth the opportunity to participate  in the sport of Track & Field as a form of Physical Fitness that will  help to promote and maintain  a Healthy Lifestyle.
(child must turn 7 yrs. of age by the beginning of outdoor track season--April 1.)
WTMTC gives the youth an opportunity to develop the speed and agility needed to compete in track and field events while attaining leadership skills and discipline. 
We are dedicated to fostering the ideas of good  sportsmanship and modeling the importance of being positive examples for others while having fun in a non-violent, drug free, safe environment.

We also seek to develop well-rounded individuals through athletic development and enhancement, while helping to set and meet healthy goals for all who participate and instill greatness at a young age. 
WTMTC provides events for 100+ youths, from all ethnic backgrounds & communities of East Texas. 

Not only do these children learn good sportsmanship through track and field events, they also acquire certain needed abilities and skills. They learn to be team players and gain strong moral  and ethical values.

Over 50% of our  members  suffer from Asthma, Allergies or both and our organization has plans to  incorporate an Asthma Control Program that will allow the members to  gain necessary skills and knowledge that will enable  them to better manage their asthma symptoms, and flare-ups, cutting down on missed school days, hospital emergency room trips and improved overall health conditions,  while allowing the students to excel academically,  developing a strong sense of integrity, perseverance, social responsibility and community service.

  "An INVESTMENT in our youth is an investment in the future"

President--Coach L. “Tutu” Brown
Vice President--Coach Selwyn Dews
Secretary--Wanda Williams
Whitehouse-Tyler Metro Track Club
112 Railroad Ave.
Whitehouse, TX 75791

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         This organization does not discriminate in selecting its team members, staff, board, volunteers, or recipients of services on the basis of a person’s Age, Political Affiliation, Race, National Origin, Ethnicity, Gender, Mental or Physical Disability, Sexual Orientation, Religion and Religious Belief, Ancestry, Marital Status, Veteran Status, or any other status prohibited by applicable law.