Company Name - Whitehouse-Tyler Metro Track Club
About Us        

Program Description
Our program offers athletes a dynamic balance through team/individual elements of track & field as a medium to strengthen work ethics and filter self-esteem.
WTMTC does not host tryouts to solicit members and we strongly believe that track and field is not just about running and athletic conditioning, it is a training ground for our next generation of productive   citizens.                                                      Adrian Bowers
“Our focus is the athlete first, winning second.”

Team members learn lessons that competition teaches both on the athletic field and in life. They also learn to combine self-discipline, training and dedication; lessons that will carry over into all aspects of their lives.

Track & Field Practice
PLEASE CALL 903-288-2513

  • Season Starts 1st weekend in March ---thru end of August
  • Practice starts 1st week in April
  • Most practices are 60-90 minutes.
  • Practice specific to relay hand-offs and techniques will require extended time ONLY for those participating in upcoming relay competition.
  • Private Sessions available upon request @ $15.00 per session
 Other Rules & Regulations that apply to WTMTC: 

  •      Listen and Respect coaches/trainers, assistants and team  
  •       Attendance strictly enforced and recorded per practice.
  •      Adhere to track & field dress code for practice and
  •       Uniforms and Sweat suits during track competitions
  •       Track shoes/spikes
  •       Workout attire only at  practice
  •       No jeans/long pants/capris, halter tops or street clothes)
Some competitions are local, but other championship level events take place throughout Texas and the United States. Competitions are optional, based on the athletes’ desire to participate. Check out our Schedule of Events Page.

--More information is available to members and prospective members.
 The Registration Fee and Uniform  must be paid in full by the 1st Competition Track Meet.
The fee covers some of the cost incurred during the season including memberships for sanctioned organizations and competition.