Company Name - Whitehouse-Tyler Metro Track Club
On behalf of the Whitehouse-Tyler Metro Track Club (WTMTC), which is an IRS 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization, aimed at providing a positive outlet for underprivileged youth in the Greater East Texas Community(GETC), We are offering our local businesses, retail establishments and private individuals  an opportunity to help our organization fulfill it's objectives and goals through sponsorship and donations.  The WTMTC is  a volunteer staffed organization that operates on tax deductible contributions, donations and sponsorships, and without the volunteers and your contributions, we could not be of benefit to the community, so it is vital that we receive your support.
WTMTC is very much aware of the problems that can be caused by energetic youth without suitable outlets for their free time. We also acknowledge our businesses and their track record  of success with efforts to assist projects that benefit the youth of our GETC.  Since you have achieved this measure of success and have become positive role models in the community, we  are convinced that you would be willing to join us in a campaign that will allow the WTMTC to provide productive outlets for the youth of the GETC, and at the same time, give them an opportunity to remain in a safe drug , alcohol, and gun free environment.
 An investment in our youth is an investment in the future
 Please make your tax-deductible Donations today.  If you are interested in becoming a Corporate Sponsor/Donor go to our 
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You can make a One-Time Contribution, a Yearly or Monthly Pledge of any amount, Give Scholarships of $1,000 or more, or Sponsor the  Track Club season for $5,000.
Thank You for your support.
L.  "TuTu" Brown
Head Coach
Whitehouse-Tyler Metro Track Club